• Michigan State University
    BS in Business, Finance & Marketing
  • Harvard Business School
    Small Company Management Program
  • Apex Ski Boots - Founder, President
  • Flofit Medical - Founder, President
  • Alden Laboratories Inc. - Founder, President
  • Hanson Ski Boot - Co-Founder, President
  • Lange Ski Boots - Director of R&D
  • Head Ski Company - District Sales Manager 


​help you Craft a plan to take you where you want to go

What I Do

I have been running small to medium size businesses my entire career. I offer consulting services related to startup business, business plan development, fund raising strategies and on going support for entrepreneurs and small company CEO's.

My sweet spot is product related startups or early stage companies producing a product that they are manufacturing or need to outsource.  I have extensive contacts for design, R&D, Quality assurance and supply chain management.

I can provide investor side due diligence for investors looking at investing in projects that are operating in spaces with which I am familiar.

MY Training & Experience

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entrepeneur coaching

i can structure an ongoing engagement to help you power your growth & Strengthen your team

Situation Analysis

Identify and prioritize your Organizational strengths and  needs

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